We 💜 Broughton 2020

Sponsor We 💜 Broughton 2020

This year’s Broughton Foundation fundraiser offers a “buffet” of parties that provide something for everyone. Make plans with your friends to attend one or more of the festive events throughout the spring. Tickets start at $70 per person. Select planned parties include:

> March Madness Basketball Bonanza

100 percent of your ticket price goes toward funding programs that enrich the educational experience at Broughton.  Please visit  to review the party selection and signup.



March Madness Basketball Bonanza — Gather for some NCAA basketball. Beer and wine will complement the evening’s cuisine, regardless of which teams win!

HOSTS: Deb & John Finan, Lisa & Scott Ralls, Britt & Michael Thomas

  • DATE: Saturday, March 21
  • TIME: 6:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.
  • PLACE: 2505 Glenwood Ave
  • PRICE: $70 per person
  • Current Guest List
  • Register Online

The Needham B. Broughton Capital Foundation is a non-profit corporation that provides funding for projects at Broughton High School that enrich the educational experience of students and faculty and enhance the campus and facilities.