foundationnewlogoPartial List of Benefactors

(includes cumulative contributions of $1,000 or more)


Richard H. Jenrette

$50,000 to $99,999

Josephus Daniels Charitable Fund

$25,000 to $49,999

William E. Blackwell

$10,000 to $24,999

Joan M. Cogan

Scott M. Hoch

Joseph and Helen Broughton Jenrette

George E. (Ed) Jones

Joe D. Kalkhurst

Bill and Laura Rogers

William M. Teague

The Warren L. Batts Family Fund

Blount and Dargan Williams

Smedes and Rosemary York

$5,000 to $9,999

Bret and Virginia Batchelder

John Bratton, Jr.

John and Jan Garside

Fenwick Foundation

Martha Jones

Anderson and E Marlowe

Wes and Gina Minton

Ben and Henriette Morris

NBHS Class of 2004

NBHS 75th Anniversary Contributions

Mike and Diane Payne

Cindy and Joel Schneider

$1,001 to $4,999

James A. Abbott

Alliance Hospitality Management, LLC

Frank and Nancy Baird

Charles D. Barham Jr.

Ronnie and Marlene Batchelor

William D. Beaty

Victor E. Bell, Jr. and Jane McNair Bell Family Foundation

Jim and Audrey Black

Fred and Patsy Blackwood

The Bone and Joint Surgery Clinic (Paul Burroughs & David Jones)

Ben and Clare Bonifant

Mac and Mary Boxley

Thomas W. and Mary Mac Bradshaw

Curt and Barrett Brewer

Nelson O. and Barbara Lynn H. Bunn

Kevin and Gray Carlin

Jack and Mary Clayton

Zach Clayton

Ken and Melanie Crockett

Lucinda Davis

Debbie and John Day

William (Sonny) B. Dean

Wright T. Dixon Jr.

Edward G. and Hilah W. Dorsey

John and Deanna Drescher

William (Billy) Dunlap

Helen Arendell Ellington

Thad Ellington

Mark and Julia Fortier

Ann Campbell Fulton

Joe L. and Anna Ball Hodge

George Holden

Fred and Nancy Hutchison

Ann Woodward I’Anson

Ed and Dixie Jernigan

Richard M. and Irene L. Jewell

Merritt and Susan Pickens Jones

Kevin and Myra Kane

John E. Koonce III

Vickie Martin Langley

Ward and Julia Marslender

Mutual Distributing

NBHS Art Club

NBHS Class of 2005

John B. and Jean W. Neese

Juliette F. Newcomb

Chuck and Susan Nichols

Jim and Babs Nichols

PaperBuzz (Graham & Jeana Young)

Scott and Lisa Ralls

Gerald and Stephanie Roach

Harold E. Russell Jr.

Blair and Shelley Schrum

Cecil and Linda Coley Sewell

Faye Branham Sharpe

Alton and Allison Smith

Roy Teel, Jr.

Wachovia Foundation Matching Gifts Program

Greg and Rhett Warner

Gordon Welsh

Randall and Elizabeth Williams

Robert Williamson

Bob and Lynn Womble

Ron and Ann Wooten


William R. Allen

William G. and Judith G. Allen

Henry and Jill Barnette

Mark and Beth Beasley

Richard F. Bethune

James S. Bowers

Patricia Alphin Boyce

John and Marilyn Brantley

Gordon and Lisa Brown

Claude P. Caviness

Edwin J. Clement

James M. and Mollie M. Day

John and Lisa Dion

Simon Dixon

John and Deb Finan

Mabel McDonald Geoghegan

Ellen L. Goldstein

Charles and Cynthia Goode

Pickett Murray Guthrie

A.C. and Dot Hall

Nell Klyman Harand

Ira M. Hardy II

Scott and Peyton Hatfield

Hodge & Kittrell Sotheby’s International Realty (Nelson Bunn and Mollie Owen)

Robert and Janet Howard

Karl and Catherine Hudson

James D. Lassiter

David and Rachel Lewis

David and Ellen Liggett

John D. Lineberger

Stewart and Jill Marlowe

Christie Neill McLeod

Philip and Meredith Miller

Thomas C. Mundy

Don Munford

NBHS Class of 1986

Sandy and Winston Page

Stuart Phoenix

Rick Pindell

Mary C. Pruneau

Robert and Amanda Ramseur

Raymond James Charitable Endowment Fund

Marcus L. Scruggs

Mary Page and Gerard Slovak

Johanna Johnson Smith

Kenneth Judson Smith, Jr.

Donald Steine

Susan and Eric Stevens – Baldwin Family Fund

Richard and Caroline Sullivan

Glenn H. Sutton

Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Thomas

William M. Trott

Jean T. Turner

Keith Valentine

Wachovia Corporation

John and Nan Watson

David J. and Jean C. White

Suzanne Whitmeyer

Ryon W. Wilder

Randall and Elizabeth Williams

Henry K. Witherspoon

Philip L. and Angela G. Yarbrough